Wednesday, May 23, 2007


What a horrorshow weekend I had, my brothers. I took this devotchka, a dorogoy droog I’ve known since skolliwoll, to the bolshy city. I viddied her cantora, some bugatty place with a chasso behind a desk and you had to sign in before pushing the knopka on the lift to her floor. She went on about her rabbit and where her fellow workers had a chasha chai. We were out of raz, so we rushed skorry to the sinny and viddied Spiderman, a real zammechat moodge. Me and the cheena had a bit of a mounch at the show. I wanted to shvat her sladky sharries, but the better angels got hold of me, O my brothers. We went to a Chinese place and peet some chai and had pischcha. The room was filled with sarky bratchnys. We yeckate through the black nochy, away from the lewdies and their merzky buildings. We went back to her domy where she has tree koshkas. I kissed the cheena’s litso, and she shvat my yarbles. We got all pyahnitsa and nagoy and had a little of the in-out in-out. What in the name of Bog was she playing at?

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