Saturday, July 7, 2007


Went to the Rush concert at the Tweeter Center in Camden last night. Rush is one of my favorite bands and the Canadian power trio put on a fantastic show. They played some of their greatest hits; "Tom Sawyer". "Witch Hunt", "Subdivisions", "Train to Bangkok", "Circumstances", "Freewill" and "Spirit of the Radio". They also played a lot of their new stuff from their current album "Snakes and Arrows." This was the third Rush concert I've attended - the first was for Power Windows in 1986 and the second was Roll the Bones in 1992. Rush is one of those bands that puts on a great stageshow; the cartoons, lasers and pyrotechnics were visually stunning. Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Pert are some of the greatest rock musicians today, with skill and dedication that's improved with the band's 33 years of performing. It was really one hell of a show and I have to say this: Neil Pert is the greatest drummer I've ever seen, bar none.

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