Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy 2008. Hopefully, this year will be one of triumphs, health and success for everyone. I wish nothing but the best for family and friends.

Now for a special treat - The Ocean City Flotsam. In 2003, when I was an associate editor (a title I had fleetingly) I put together a parody newspaper using some photos and templates. It took me a few weeks to write, layout and edit, but the end result is a satirical newspaper akin to The Onion (at least I think so). Incidentally, everything here is copyrighted 2003 by me.
I'm posting this project because I've had it tucked away in an envelope for four years. I showed it to a few people and they loved it, and said I should "do" something with it. Years passed, and it stayed hidden. People have said I'm talented, that I'm a good writer and creative, yet I have no real way of showcasing that talent. The new year made me realize we're all getting older and should take advantage of the gifts we're given, whether it be writing or singing or making people laugh. Why toil doing what we love if nobody else can enjoy it?
I've decided to let the parody newspaper out into the world and give people a glimpse of what I can do. It's not my shining moment or apex of my talents, but it's a start. Maybe it will inspire others to take advantage of their talents and not hide them away from the world out of fear, modesty or both.
In the grand sceme of things, this is really trivial, but I labored hard on it and guess I wanted the credit and recognition. It might be politically incorrect and juvenile in tone and content but nothing good we do should remain hidden in an envelope for years. It should be shared no matter the reception it receives.
I'll post more pages of The Flotsam over the next few days.
Enjoy and have a Happy 2008.

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