Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ramblings From The Writing Desk...

Received more rejection letters from the agents I queried. So far, four of the six agents I originally queried said no to my novel. How come the books tell you to personalize your queries, but literary agents reply with form letters? Maybe, as one agent put it, he receives 300 submissions a week and uses the form letters as a way of convenience.
I queried three new agents via e-mail today, so that's good. I also re-wrote my query letter, making it punchier and juicier, so it would (hopefully) stand out.
On the gaming front, I've been getting nothing but positive feedback on The Ravaged Earth Society. The fans like it and many sources are urging me to publish it into a PDF or a dead tree book. It's certainly encouraging, especially for a project that was all but dead a few months ago. I'm considering what to do next. I mean, I want to publish it into a book, but I need someone to do layout and use the text and artwork I have. Let's just say I've got many irons in the fire regarding the RPG.
The TRES wiki is a different story. I accidentally bungled the wiki when I went to edit it and locked myself out by switching the authorization code. Simon Lucas helped restore everything and get the wiki up and running after my ineptitude. Pinnacle has the friendliest staff and most loyal fans.
So now, the wiki is back online.
Savage Worlds Online, a gaming website that runs realtime RPGs via software called Fantasy Grounds, wants to run TRES. They're a great bunch of guys and they have to see if they can import some of my adventures over to their system. If they do, registered users can log on, join up, and participate in the adventures online using the software, which replicates a gaming table environment, complete with dice rolls, maps and notebooks.

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