Thursday, June 5, 2008

TRES Online

After three years of development, anticipation and perseverance, The Ravaged Earth Society is finally available. It's been a rough, long road of staring at draft after draft, tweaking, exchanging e-mails and frankly wondering if it would ever see the light of day.
TRES is an RPG setting that uses Savage Worlds, a generic system that's the best I've ever gamed with. TRES morphed from a planned book and PDF to now free online distribution. It is a shared world, one where the fans can help shape through their writings, illustrations and creativity.
I've always enjoyed playing RPGs: D&D, TORG, Deadlands. The idea of creating my own game started in 2000 and lingered in the ether while real life intervened. In 2003, Pinnacle Entertainment Group released their first edition of Savage Worlds and I finally found a system that fit with the ideas brewing in my head for years. I drafted several character backgrounds for a pulpy game and posted them on Pinnacle's message boards. The response was fantastic! People were interested, but nothing came of it for a year, until I published my first pulp adventure "Quest for El Dorado" in Shark Bytes, a Savage Worlds fanzine. I sold the rights to the property to a new game company in 2005, and developed The Ravaged Earth Society over the last three years. Unfortunately, this March, the company lost their license with Pinnacle and wasn't able to produce the game. They signed the rights back to me and I worked with Pinnacle to get the game out to the fans, who've waited patiently for it.
So in an odd way, a game that began online is ending up online.

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