Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wizard World

Went to Wizard World, a comic book convention, in Philadelphia today. I've been going to this show for years and it's a great chance for people in the comic book industry to meet their fans and for the fans to sample exclusive releases. I picked up some stuff: "Return to Wonderland", a deranged and gory look at Alice in Wonderland by Zenescope; Athena Voltire a pulpy adventure set in the 1930s by Ape Entertainment and the Doctor's pocket watch from Doctor Who. I also talked to some people from Philcon and chatted with a game designer and comic book writer about his projects. I also helped my buddy Big Rick of the In Between Diapers Radio Hour record his show. Rick interviewed people in the show, including wrestlers the Iron Sheik and Dawn Marie and other oddballs. I did some camerawork while Timmy handled the audio. Can't wait to see the final product. It was a really good show this year and a great geeky time was had by all!

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