Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Writin'

This week I queried six literary agents about my novel. Writer's Digest's Guide to Literary Agents is one cool book.
I spent some time writing the query letter to get everything just right. I didn't want to make the mistake of being too wordy; I think I have a right balance, so it should be fine. I'm prepared for rejections, so I'm making a list of the agents I queried and checking them off after mailing the letters. Every book I've read and every professional writer I've talked to said rejection is inevitable. It's all part of the writing process.

On other writing news, I've been corresponding with the guys at Pinnacle Entertainment about my role-playing game. For the last month, I've been developing a wiki with them showcasing the game. We've targeted next Tuesday for the worldwide launch with a direct link from Pinnacle's website! Very good, considering the game was considered dead in March. More further developments as they become available.

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C. Taylor said...

You might want to try Query Shark. If your query gets chosen, Janet Reid, super agent divine, will critique it.