Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I paid to have my novel professionally edited. The editor sent me the edited manuscript and I finished making all the appropriate grammar and style changes and printed it out. The final manuscript clocks in at just over 94,000 words and 400 pages. It is by far the longest thing I've written and could very well be my magnum opus.
I'm reading up on literary agents and drafted a query letter.
This will be really challenging, getting this manuscript read. The query letter is your foot in the door to an agent. Without a good query letter, the agent will just ignore a writer's work. I'm absorbing all of the advice in the 2008 Guide to Literary Agents I picked up. This will be my first serious attempt to have my work read by an agent, so I'm researching and reading everything I can about publishing and literary agents.
On a positive note, the editor who proofread and edited my manuscript said she enjoyed it and that I had "some seriously funny shit in there." That's very reassuring.

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