Tuesday, September 16, 2008


According to Bloomberg.com, Republican political candidates are avoiding President George Bush.
At the GOP convention, Bush's speech was orchestrated so it wouldn't be broadcast during the convention coverage at 10 p.m. John McCain even went so far as to not mention the name of Bush's father, referring to his as "the 41st President".
What happened to Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment: "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican"? Uncle Ronnie's gone, and so is the commandment. Oh, the GOP isn't speaking ill of Bush. They're just avoiding him like the plague.
Bush's approval rating is in the low 30s, and his unpopularity high.
Eight years of the most secretive, heavy-handed, arrogant administration of neocons shouldn't be given the opportunity to influence policy again. They should be in the penalty box for the next four years.
It's both funny and sad.
Funny because the party that backed Bush's war years ago are disowning him and treating him like a pariah. Sad because the GOP will probably win in November even though they don't deserve it.
How do you win an election when the incumbent President of your party is about as popular as the Ebola virus? Run as an outsider and a reformer!
Does anyone really think that John McCain will reform anything? That he'll go against the grain of his party and his benefactors and undo what Bush has done?
I guess partisans love their president only when the president is popular.

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