Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back on the Air

Went back to Crusin' 92.1 WVLT for the Rick and Ron Radio Show, formerly the In-Between Diapers Radio Comedy Hour. Big Rick and I started the show two years ago as a way to export our comedy over the airwaves and corrupt young, impressionable minds listening to a Vineland oldies station at 11 p.m. Friday nights. I did a few shows in 2007 but declined to do more, and Rick really has taken the show and made it wonderful, especially with the addition of Ron DiPrimio, president of Grindhouse Pictures. Since Ron couldn't make it last night, Rick asked me to go on the air. The show expanded to two hours of madcap insanity months ago, so we had plenty of time to do more comedy.
Hijinx and hilarity ensued with Matt's Weird News, Rick's totally wrong impression of Dick Clark and a new bit we improvised, Brittle and Stiff: Geriatric Crimefighters.
Callers included Ron, who talked about horror movies; Mike Quinter from Nineteen/Stone, an AC/DC tribute band; and Teddy, who does impressions of Ivan Kolov and Arnold Schwartzenegger. Eddie the Egyptian from Camel Toe Cuties finished the show.
It was really great being back on the radio. The energy in the room was electric with the banter between the callers, breaking balls and cracking up on the air.
Just another night in a small studio in Vineland.
Or as Teddy would say to shatter the levity: Gary Papa.

"Testing...Is this thing on?" Me trying out that new-fangled communication medium for the 21st century: the radio.

Big Rick makes a point about something.

Matt Carr, the show's board operator and whipping boy. We love ya, Matt Dog!

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