Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back To Work

I’m reticent to post anything on this blog because, quite frankly, I’ve enjoyed the nearly two-month hiatus. During that time, I’ve completed a few important writing projects, spent quality time with my girlfriend sharing and laughing and dancing in dewy meadows while watching sunsets. Yet this blog is like the Damocles sword hanging over my head, suspended by a single gossamer strand.

Sooner or later, that bitch is going to snap.

As of this writing, the Angry Reporter blog has been viewed over 6,000 times by people in several countries. I know this because I can track where the hits are coming from.

Most of you arrived here after web searches for the angry Hitler meme or King Tut, since I blogged about both of those things. During this year’s election, you searched for Christine O’Donnell and found this blog. Glad you enjoyed that.

A few of you even bothered to post a response to my rants and ramblings. Some of those brave enough to post their responses should be commended, whether you agreed with me or not. Thanks for the time it took to tap on your keyboards and let me know how you feel.

The Internet is a vast electronic sewer overflowing with information, opinions and colorful photos of spread-eagled Russian girls. Once in a while in this decadent pornographic soup, you actually find something useful. Not that the Russian girls aren’t useful, but they’re not trying to change the world, no matter how outlandishly they contort their bodies.

Into this quagmire of ones and zeroes floats a morass of opinions written by people who cannot write, people who think they’re funny but aren’t, and people who believe American should exist preserved in a comforting amniotic sac of the 1950s.

Those who wish to take this country back to an Eisenhower utopia that never existed in the first place are delusional. Not content to keep their paranoia and instability to themselves, they rant online about the dangerous liberals, the socialism creeping into America via the mass media and Obama administration and how Sarah Palin will be the Den Mother of Boy Scout Troop America.

And for expressing my opinion that this country is slipping down a dark incline into the wood chipper due to greed, arrogance and a tide of pseudo-nationalistic fervor unseen since the dark days of Joseph McCarthy, I’m branded a radical Democrat and loose cannon.

I am neither a radical, a Democrat nor a loose cannon.

Because I write for a newspaper and try to shed light on the corrupt dealings of petty tyrants and millionaires whose sweetheart deals keep the fat cats fat and the citizens in the dark, I’m mocked and ridiculed. They said journalism is not an honorable profession and all reporters are lumped into one category with the dreaded “lamestream corporate media”.

If I have offended anyone with this blog, either with its subject matter or salty language or graphic descriptions contained herein, I make no apologies. My writing is my sword I use for slaying the kowtowing sycophants and bloviating assholes who have clambered their way into political machines on scaly lizard legs and turned this country into the redneck paradise it is; a backward-thinking, superstitious corporate gulag where the intelligent, the free-thinkers and the peacemakers are persecuted as hippie weirdos and communists. Both parties are to blame for dumbing this country down and failing to produce competent, honest leadership.

Want to get depressed and lose all faith in humanity? Read the comments section of any Yahoo News story. It’s a nauseating heap of dispassionate, uncaring remarks that will make you root for a pandemic just to thin the herd. It’s amazing how unmoved and apathetic people are to human tragedy and how they think their jokes are somehow amusing. If they want to tell jokes, go to an open mike night. Don’t post your quips on a news site meant for discussing the articles like adults.

That brings me back to my reason for taking a break. I’m weary of the general public bashing journalists, but I shouldn’t be surprised. There’s a large disconnect between what I do and what the public perceives. No matter how you explain it to them, the public will still view all journalists in a negative light, particularly when the corporate-run media continually under-report, fail to correct discrepancies and present themselves and their product with supreme arrogance.

It’s incumbent upon me to use this blog and carve out a space online where people can go if they’re fed up with the status quo and want change. For the good of our species and our country, things have to change. America must educate itself about the world outside of its borders. We’ve got to shun the superstitious and the corrupt forces that seek to control all of us. This country is already in the throes of bad science fiction, where cameras watch our every move and overzealous politicians are purging our Constitutional rights. The worst part about this Orwellian nightmare is the Tea Party has become the champions of freedom. This is a group of linear-thinking people in cardigans who are to the 2000s what the Liberty League was in the 1930s.

We need the truth and the unvarnished facts and we need them now, or we’re in danger of rapidly devolving to the point where the country will be populated by morbidly-obese American ape creatures hollering lyrics to Toby Keith songs while campfires from a million plastic hovels glimmer against the twilight of a once great civilization rolling into its grave.

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