Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Year That Totally Kicked Ass

Another year has come and gone. Looking back at the past 365 days isn't easy. Most days are routine and trite: work, eat, sleep, write, yell at the TV, etc. Other days are just a glorious adventure, especially when I seize life by the proverbial cojones. In 2010, I tried new experiences and saw where life took me.

Here are some of the many bizarre happenings over the last 12 months:

* I was a 2010 Peter Jennings Fellow for Journalists and the Constitution at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. An amazing experience. I got to work with a group of reporters and Kenneth Starr on a case and then present it to the group. I never really considered the U.S. Constitution before; now I carry a copy of it with me and practically memorized it.

* Met Tom Brokaw. A photo-op with the esteemed journalist was two seconds. The Harrison Ford character from "Morning Glory" comes to mind...

* Heard Bruce Campbell at Philly Comicon. The Chin gave an excellent and funny talk in front of an auditorium packed with adoring (and weird) fans. Also at Comicon, I saw Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner and the DeLorean from back to the Future.

* Rode on an Airship. The Horizon Blimp gave journalist-types like myself free rides to promote their partnership with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. I'm an airship aficionado, so this was heaven for me.

* Moderated a mayoral debate. Ah, local politics. Where hope goes to die. I was on a panel of reporters who interviewed the two Ocean City mayoral candidates. Prime time, here I come!

* Two gaming supplements published. Reality Blurs published two Ravaged Earth supplements: Relics & Rumors 3 and 4.

* Took Dad to a Father's Day Phillies Game. It was like "Field of Dreams" sans the cornfield and male guilt over lost fathers. We enjoyed the experience besides the Phillies losing to the Twins.

* Got divorced. After years of separation, we finally untied the knot. I now have an ex-wife and a box filled with half a set of china.

* Went to Gencon. Worked the Reality Blurs booth at Gencon and ran a game of Ravaged Earth. While there, I heard Wil Wheaton give a really great talk to fanboys about gaming and gaming culture.

* Fell in love. Reconnected with a woman I haven't seen in 19 years via Facebook and we began dating. She constantly never ceases to fascinate me.

* Re-Booted Ravaged Earth. Spent five months writing the new incarnation of Ravaged Earth, including a new plot point adventure campaign. The toughest thing I've ever written by far, but so rewarding.

* Re-Connected with High School Friends. Spent a great weekend drinking and raising hell with my old high school friends Kevin and Samir. Kevin singing Lada Gaga's "Poker Face" is one of my favorite memories of 2010.

* Cosbython 2010. Cosbython is an event a few friends held around Bill Cosby's birthday in July. We spent the day watching that delightfully bad movie "Ghost Dad", some Jell-O pudding commercials and "Picture Pages", and had fun playing Cosby-themed games.

* Went to Philcon. Participated in gaming panels and bathed in the geekiness of a great science fiction community. The Legion of Doom Dinner. The Masquerade. An awkward encounter with an ex-girlfriend. All memories of a kick-ass Philcon 2010!

* Saw some great standup comedy. John Conte, Mike KC, Big Rick Cahall, Kendra Cunningham, Maddog Mattern, Reese Walters, Alan Kaye.

* Acted in a Zombie Movie. I played the part of a shambling zombie in For Love of Zombies. The makeup people did a fantastic job transforming my rugged, handsome features into a horrific visage of rotting flesh.

* Performed in an Audio Serial. Keeping with the zombie theme, I leant my voice to "HG World", a great audio serial about the zombie apocalypse. I recorded three parts for the show, each one different and challenging.

* Saw a Re-Release of Back to the Future. For one weekend in October, BTTF was released in theaters. For 90 minutes, I was transported back to my teenage years in 1985, watching a movie I'd fall in love with.

* Trivia Kings. My trivia teams, Killer Rabbits and Donkey Punch, kicked some serious cerebral ass at trivia. Gift cards were won, meals ate and laughter (and knowledge) were the order of the day.

* Went on a diet an lost some weight. Not that I don't like eating vegetables, but when your doctor tells you your triglycerides are through the roof, you make sacrifices. So I exercised and stocked up on oatmeal and vegetables and lost about 15 pounds. Now children don't point at me in the street and giggle about the "manopotamus."

* Performed Standup. Returned to the stage to make audiences laugh in their beers. A little rusty, but it was great to write jokes and do the comedian thing again.

* Judged a Hooters Bikini Contest. Got a chance to ogle scantily-clad women in their 20s as a celebrity judge at Hooter's in Atlantic City.

* Spent Christmas with family at a the Hotel Hershey in Hershey, Pa. Relaxing and gorging on milk chocolate with your relatives is a great way to spend the yuletide season.

Next year I hope to get involved with more standup comedy, perform in an original podcast, have Ravaged Earth Rebooted published and other crazy, outrageous escapades.

Stay tuned if you dare, gentle reader!


Kristian said...

I just want you to know that I'm actually waiting on that Ravaged Earth reboot before I sink my teeth further into the setting. I love what little bit I've gleaned from the existing product. :)

Kristian said...

By the way, congrats on the journalism achievements and on the new romantic interest. :)

elnie said...

This was a definitely a great year for you. Especially meeting me again! :-) There was some low points but overall you accomplished more than a lot of people. I had tons of fun going to Philcon, being part of The Killer Rabbits, meeting your family and friends, and most of all spending time with you!