Sunday, February 18, 2007

Artie Party

Went to an autograph signing for Artie Lange today at the Cumberland Mall with Big Rick. Lange was playing Atlantic City and in the area signing autographs. The line at the record store for the signing snaked around the perimeter of the store and out into the mall. The man himself arrived a half hour late, but the people were thrilled to see him. I've liked Artie from his earlier work on MadTV, where he distinguished himself amicably. He did a skit on that show called "That's My White Momma" that absolutely kills me every time I see it. When he replaced Jackie the Joke Man on the Howard Stern Show, I absolutely loved it. He's a really funny guy with a great "in your face" New Jersey attitude and a down-to-earthiness that's better than many of the douchebags out there doing comedy. Artie is funny as hell and he autographed my copy of his DVD "It's The Whiskey Talkin'". Someone ordered pizza and brought boxes of Devil Dogs for him. I thanked him for the autograph and he replied, "Yeah, thanks for comin' out."
To sum up: I like Artie Lange. He's a nice guy and funny as hell. FI-YAH!!!!!

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