Tuesday, March 27, 2007


David Honigsberg died today at age 48. He was a rabbi, a musician and a really nice guy. I met him a few times, once in New York City and once in a coffeehouse in Barrington, NJ where he played some really great music. I can't listen to his song "The Pattern" without losing it. He will be missed by many. Sympathies go out to his wife Alexandra.

"Now I am grown
But the fabric of my life is filled with tangled knots and scattered threads
Although it hurts to say it, everything is still a mess
But when I prayed to God, here's what He said

When I call you home
You will view the pattern
There's more to what I'm doing than what you can see
It'll come out right, pretty as a picture
All I'm gonna ask is that you put your trust in me"

-The Pattern
David Honigsberg

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