Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cash Cab

Seeing my former girlfriend on Cash Cab was strange. So many mixed emotions... However, this game show is just weird. Contestants are in a New York taxi cab and have to answer questions. My former girlfriend and her new boyfriend won $950 and instead of taking the video challenge and doubling their winnings, they took the money and left the cab.
Side note: three twentysomethings that played after her ended their game with $650, took the video challenge where they had to correctly identify a lemur, and walked away with $1,300. When in doubt, go for the video challenge. There just might be a lemur waiting for you.
I'd like to see a better version of Cash Cab. I'd like to see the Cash Cab pick up drunks at 2 a.m. or raveheads strung out on Ecstacy and are vomiting in the cab. I'd like to see them try and answer questions and stay awake or not get into an impromptu fistfight. Call it Drunk Cab. It would be a great show. You'd pick up hookers and pimps and druggies and ask them questions about literature, music, art and popular culture. Who wants to see a bunch of white, affluent New Yorkers when you can see Rico the Stick fumbling with a crack phial in the back seat? That's entertainment!

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