Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lazlo Fink!

I returned to doing standup somewhat. Meet Lazlo Fink, Standup Comedian! Lazlo is my creation, a character I'm doing at open mic nights. He's a comic from New York City who thinks he's the greatest comedian in the world. Except there's one problem. He stinks. He's a lousy comedian. He's so out of touch with mainstream comedy but he doesn't care. He refuses to work blue and his material is tame by today's standards. He doesn't talk about politics, religion or sex. He has a bag of props he refers to as the Bag o' Mystery. He has a white rabbit puppet named Cosmo the Rabbit who tells rabbit jokes. Lazlo plays harmonica...badly. He tells lame jokes and works the crowd. He's entertained in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, cruise ships and anywhere else they need a comedian because the headliner got sick.
The transformation into Lazlo is a metamorphosis unlike no other: I slick my hair back, put on glasses, a blazer or suit and bowtie and ratchet up my voice to such a nasally whine Jerry Lewis would blush with pride.
Big Rick, Justin, Uncle Milt, Sharkey and Jim: thanks for being supportive and making Lazlo Fink my latest creation!

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