Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today one year ago Rabbi David Honigsberg died. I met him on a couple of occasions and he was really a creative and talented person. I guess thinking about David makes me think about death and just how fleeting life is.
The thing is, people remember David and people miss him. He actually mattered and touched several lives. Lately, I've been feeling pissed off and alone. I think, is my life significant? Who will be there at my graveside when I depart? What good have I done in this life?
Today I listened to David's CD "The Pattern", a collection of songs he wrote and performed. The title track sums up an essential feeling: that everything we do has some great significance, that nothing is really chance, that in the long run (cosmically speaking) our lives have a rationale to them.

"It's hard to imaging that as I walk through life
I'm weaving some great pattern way on high
But on those nights I remember to look up at the stars
I know there's more to living, than just getting by"
- The Pattern
David Honigsberg

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Rick said...

You matter to me ... I would cry ... I would visit you graveside ... Miss ya Brother ,hope all is well ... It aint easy being me ...