Monday, March 3, 2008

Viva Caligula!

Discovered a Flash game on the Adult Swim website recently. For those who don't know, Adult Swim is on Cartoon Network and features some pretty bizarre (and often funny) experimental animation. In keeping with my penchant for strangeness and grotesque humor, I played Viva Caligula, a game where you represent ancient Rome's tyrannical madman.
The object of the game is to discover 26 different weapons (corresponding to each letter key on the numeric keypad) and kill everyone you see.

The title screen. Oh, there will be blood.

Hail Caesar! Or else!

Whoever made the lion a weapon you use in the game is a genius.

"Little Boots" killing the shit out of some plebs.

After a long day of senseless carnage, what better way to unwind than an orgy?

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