Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gimmie A Break!

No, it's not that Nell Carter 80s sitcom...It's the fact I need a break. I've been working way too hard. I have the energy to work, but I think I'm pushing myself too hard. I used to workout in the mornings, but I haven't done that in weeks. Last thing I want to get is fat and sloppy, like that guy you see at the racetrack named Lou, who hangs out at the pretzel stand and has stubble on his cheeks from not shaving for a few weeks. You know the guy I mean. That's not how I want to be.
Plus, I've been careless at work. Granted, it's not the kind of job where if you slip up, people die. Chernobyl, anyone? No, it's more like making omissions and not maintaining the quality of my writing. I noticed the articles I wrote at the beginning of 2006 were a lot stronger. I think the problem is going to jury duty once a week, on Tuesdays, a real critical day in my work schedule. My last day for jury duty is next Tuesday, then it'll be all done.
My boss wants to give me a whole week off between Christmas and New Years. I don't want to take off then. I just want off on the 26th. I'm saving my vacation days for next year, when I can travel. I'd like to return to California, to visit relatives in LA. Maybe I'll do that, maybe I won't. Who knows?I haven't taken a real vacation since 2003, so maybe I'm overdue for one.

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