Monday, December 4, 2006

Merry XXXmas

Spencer's Gifts is carrying Pornaments. This is what our civilization has produced: eroticized Christmas tree ornaments. As if commercialism of Christmas wasn't bad enough, now this. Nothing celebrates the birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as elves with huge tits. What's next? Easter decorations showing the Easter Bunny fucking an egg?
I'm a pretty tolerant person, but trying to make Christmas pornographic is a bit, well, tacky. It's a holiday for kids, and you have Pornaments showing snowmen fucking and gingerbread men with giant cocks.
On Christmas morning, hang these on the tree and show the kids.
"What did Santa leave for you, Jeffy?"
"It's an elf with a candy cane for a dick! Merry Christmas!!"
I mean if you want to eroticize a holiday, why not something like Arbor Day or the Fourth of July? How about St. Patrick's Day decorations that read "Blow Me I'm Irish?"
I dunno. Pornographic Christmas tree decorations seems too over the top. Then again, it is Spencer's Gifts, whose headquarters is located a mere few miles from me. This is the same outfit that sells fake vomit, sex toys and other suggestive paraphernalia. So, yeah: Pornaments are right at home here.

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