Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Zen Cowboys & Industrial Shamans

Searching for poems on my harddrive for a poetry reading I wound up not going to last weekend, I stumbled across notes to a story I began some time ago. The name of the story, "Zen Cowboys & Industrial Shamans" was culled from notes I kept from a 1998 trip to Colorado. So here it was in front of me, a fantastic kernel of a story about technology and soul searching. I picked up from where I left off and massaged it into a pretty good, workable tale about a web designer from New Jersey who's in Denver for a convention, when he's summoned by a client to perform a job for a former Silicon Valley wizard who turned his back on the modern world and lives in a compound in the Rocky Mountains.
It's bizarre and funny and blends Eastern philosophy with modern technology and our dependence on said technology. The more I work on it, the cooler it becomes.
I would like to eventually take all of these short stories and publish them in a book. Maybe some day....some day....

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