Friday, November 10, 2006

Say Hello to My Little Friend...

I love Scarface. Al Pachino literally becomes Tony Montana. It's one of the most violent, gritty, rough films to watch, and yet there's a sort of tender and moral side to the Tony Montana character. Sure, he's a murderous drug dealer who squeaks his way to the top by taking down those he slaves for, but he wants his wife Elvira to be happy and he wants his family to share in his success. When he refuses to help a hired assassin kill the intended target because the target's wife and kids are in the car, Montana is taken down by the big Colombian kingpin for fucking up.
For the last few weeks my eyes bled playing Scarface for the XBox. It's compared to GTA but it's not the same, really. Sure, gameplay is a little monotonous with your character having to drive all over Miami selling coke, but the rewards are worth the tediousness. Scarface the game is better than The Godfather game by leaps and bounds. And like the movie, you get to go berserk and waste an army of guys as you take over Miami neighborhood by neighborhood. And when you travel to the islands to raid a coke baron's plantation, the fun is just beginning!

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