Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Dems kick GOP ass!

Who wouldv'e thunk it? Six months ago, you'd have thought the Republicans would goosestep back into power, with a mandate to send the planet closer to Armageddon. But wait! What's that on the horizon? Democrats growing testicles! The upset by the Ds over the Rs was nothing short of brilliant and a watershed election in American politics. The people said the Democrats, a party without a vision, a clear plan on ending the war or an agenda for anything was a better choice than the party that's led Congress for the past 12 years. Just when you thought the donkey was dead, it rose up like some macabre zombie vowing to terrorize the town, but what they're terrorizing looks like entrenched Republicans. Santorum, DeWine and the rest fell flat while new blood poured in.
In New Jersey Senator Menendez flattened Tom Kean, Jr., but I wasn't surprised. I interviewed Kean and I can say this boy is weak. He's very weak. Like I'd be amazed if he's mature enough to grow pubic hair that's how much of a boy he is. He just seemed like the kind of guy who went to college, joined a frat and then spent years trolling on his daddy's yacht. Not that I have any disrespect for Kean, Sr. I admire Kean, Sr. very much. It's his son I can't figure out. And the strange thing is about Kean Jr. is we're both around the same age. He's a Gen Xer like myself. While we were in our twenties and in college, Kurt Cobain offed himself. When we were in our late twenties, the president of the United States admitted he got a knob-job from a White House intern. And we both came into our thirties during 9/11. So we've seen the country change during the prime of our lives. Yet I can't imagine why Kean Jr. was such a tool, spouting rhetoric after carefully rehearsed rhetoric. It's like they drained the passion out of him and replaced him with a clone spewing hackneyed slogans and slinging mud at the Democrats.
And that's the whole Greek tragedy of the election. The mighty Republicans, the party of morality and Christian love and compassion fell under the weight of scandal, hypocrasy and weak leadership. In fighting the enemies of Rome, they became as drunk with power and as corrupt as the Romans themselves and they did themselves in.
An unpopular war and an even more unpopular president and an arrogance unmatched in recent U.S. history is what did them in. Oh, and it doesn't help to have a Congressman resign after sending selacious e-mails to underage pages, either!

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