Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Here's An Idea...

The Baker-Hamilton Commission released their findings on Iraq and issued 79 recommendations, among them:
the U.S. should begin diplomatic strategies with Syria and Iran regarding Iraq;
take steps to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict and secure a long lasting peace in the Middle East;
the U.S. should give $5 billion in assistance and aid and encourage other countries for help;
encourage international investment in Iraq's oil production.
Moreover, the commission declared current U.S. actions aren't working and troops could come home as early as 2008.
So basically, the strongarm tactics taken by the administration caused more harm than good, alienated our allies and made us look like the steroid-addicted, jingoistic rednecks we are.

Another thing: I've noticed some Republicans labeling those who disagree with their party's agenda in Iraq as "anti-American." Is this what 21st Century political debate has devolved into? If you don't support us, you must hate America? So people who agree with you must love their country and those who have the freedom to disagree with you don't? This is really Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dr. Laura bullshit. I call it like I see it. Do I agree with the Democrats goals of reducing the size of our military and canning missle defense? No, I don't. But I don't think they're proposing it because they want to see the Bedouins seize the country, rape our women and destroy our civilization.
Politics is for the retarded. The propaganda slingers and pundits and hacks froth at the mouth with double-speak and lies. They're paid to trump their party's agenda. I'm not interested in political parties. To me, they're just cultists addicted to their own flavor of Kool Aid.
I want America to be safe. I want our country to prosper. I want to be able to ride on an airplane from one coast to the other without worrying if some shish-kebob munching zealot will blow me up. For my money, we need stronger national security. But we also can't isolate ourselves from our allies. We need to work together. You don't shit on your allies, you help them. That's how you earn respect. That's the way America should be.
We're the good guys, despite the fact we have a suspicious and paranoid administration.

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