Thursday, January 18, 2007

Comedy Night

Hoo boy! What a night tonight! The gang went out to Catch in Atlantic City. Each of us got three minutes to perform. I can't get out my opener in three minutes, but I ploughed through it anyway. The audience was really, really old. It was like the Shady Acres Twilight Retirement Home had a bus tour. Just a bunch of silver-haired pensioners drinking their Ensure daiquiris. Everybody kept it clean and I have to say I got the most laughs. It was a victory. The old people love me.
Afterwards, we got a photo with the headliner, Sherry Davey. We couldn't stay long because it was time to head out to The Comedy Stop at the Tropicana. Chris got everybody into the show because he's well connected. Being a wrestler has its advantages! We saw two really hilarious guys, Jim Lauletta and Tim Walkoe. I haven't laughed so hard in months! Both of these comics were utterly, screamingly funny.
Afterwards we took Jim and Tim to Hooters for a late night snack and hung out. All in all, a great night of pee-in-your-pants comedy!

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