Tuesday, January 30, 2007

TRES in Production!

Just found out my RPG, the one I wrote and designed, was sent to Talisman Studios for layout. This means the manuscript will be turned into a beautifully pagenated masterpiece! It's taken two full years of my life to realize this vision. The Ravaged Earth Society is the greatest thing I've ever been involved with. Double G Press bought the property from me and kept me on as head designer and lead writer. My contract stipulates not only do I have control over the content of the storyline but I get first crack at writing anything related to TRES! To sweeten the deal, I get a percentage of profits from total sales of the game.
I see big things for TRES in the future. Double G Press, especially Bill and Peter, have been great to work with. We're looking at a March release for the game. After two years of developing, writing, reading and re-reading the same chapters, it's good the project is in the home stretch. The next month and a half will be especially tense as I await the final product!
But the time for TRES is soon...

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