Sunday, January 21, 2007

Emcee Me

Last night Big Rick and I performed standup at a benefit at Cosmo's Lounge in Glassboro. The owner, the very talented and funny Jimmy Graham, asked if I'd emcee the show, which I did. It was my first time as an emcee and I had fun. The crowd was very large, which was good, and I felt at ease on stage, but that place has a bar and people did tend to get a little drunk and noisy. Oh, and the place is in a bowling alley, too.
Also, the proliferation of old people in the first two tables right in front of the stage made me and Big Rick tame down our material, but Jimmy's stuff was really blue and those oldies loved it! I guess we're so worried about offending grandma and grandpa that we edit our stuff and water it down. Fuck it! Next time, those silver-haired old ladies will hear the full wrath of my midget shitting fetish bit!
The night was a fun one and consisted of myself, Big Rick, a high school student Jimmy knows and Jimmy himself. At the end of the show, Jimmy's family had me announce Jimmy's birthday and his family gave him a cake while the audience sang "Happy Birthday Roundboy." Good clean family fun.

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